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What we offer

We offer tailored support to match the needs of our clients across the following service categories.

Addressing access, diversity, equity and inclusion in your team or organisation may seem like a daunting task. Figuring out where to start, or even how to break things down into manageable parts can be a challenge. To help you navigate this, we offer a free one-hour consultation as part of our services.

This consultation is intended to discuss your ideas, identify areas where you may require assistance, and prioritise your goals. The consultation is based on the understanding we may not necessarily work together - it's an opportunity for a professional conversation with someone who's passionate about diversity, access, and inclusion. Think of us as your nerdy friend who's always up for a chat about these topics!


Image Description: Morwenna smiling at the camera standing in front of an arch window and brick wall, in a denim jacket over a dark blue dress that has small white dots on it, and long brown hair falling over her shoulders.

Image description_ Morwenna smiling and speaking with other delegates and presenters at th

Image Description: Morwenna in a long grey cardigan and black dress at a conference speaking to two other attendees.

“Morwenna was incredible to work with. She tailored a program based on requested insights from the Western Australian Museum team, delivered her findings and teachings in an effective and engaging manner, and provided wonderful guides to be able to apply these learnings into the future, for a more accessible way to engage with our audiences. Couldn’t recommend her services enough.”

- Amy McKie, Manager of Marketing and Audience Development, WA Museum

What we can help you with
Diversity, equity and inclusion
DEI related strategies and plans
Board diversity policies
Diverse recruitment assistance
Arts, culture and screen
Strategic plans and business plans
Other policies, strategies and plans
Research, evaluation and review
Impact evaluations
Organisational reviews
Research projects
Speaking, training and writing
Guest speaking & keynote presentations
Disability inclusion training
Accessible marketing and communication
Essays, opinion pieces and articles
Disability and accessibility
Disability inclusion action plans
On-site access audits
Online accessibility audits
Accessible programs, initiatives & advice
Community consultation & facilitation
Advisory committees
Sensitivity Reading
Website accessibility audits
Plan meeting preparation
Ongoing support 
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