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Our Access, Disability, Inclusion and Equity Services

We offer tailored support to match the needs of our clients

Addressing access, equity, diversity and inclusion can seem like a daunting task. Figuring out where to start, or even how to break things down into manageable parts can be a challenge. To help you navigate this, we offer a free consultation as part of our services.

We can discuss your ideas, prioritise your goals, and identify the support you might need to reach them. Even if we don't work together, it's a professional conversation to offer insights from someone who is passionate about access, equity, diversity and inclusion. Think of us as your go-to nerdy friend for these topics!


Image Description: Morwenna smiling at the camera standing in front of an arch window and brick wall, in a denim jacket over a dark blue dress that has small white dots on it, and long brown hair falling over her shoulders.

"Building an access and inclusions strategy from the ground up for a global festival is no small feat, but Morwenna expertly and calmly guided us through creating our Disability Inclusion Action Plan. She tailored the outcome specifically for the intersectionalities of people with disability and the LGBTQIA+ community, while coordinating with multiple internal departments and external working groups. Her knowledge of festivals and events is invaluable and her passion for creating truly accessible environments is inspiring."

Alex Daoust, Executive Producer, Sydney World Pride

What we can help you with


Accessibility and Disability
The future is accessible! And we can help you get there by...
- Developing a Disability Inclusion Action Plan
- Undertaking a on-site or online access audit
- Facilitating d/Deaf and disabled focus groups and community consultation
- Creating or renewing Access Advisory Committees for your organisation
- Providing sensitivity reading from a lived experience perspective


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We can help you expand your DEI work by...

- Offering advice on gaps and opportunities in your strategic plans and policies
- Leveraging our extended networks to help you build a more diverse Board
- Providing guidance on best practice in your recruitment strategies


Arts, Culture and Screen
Our expertise in the creative sector means we are well equipped to support by...

- Offering Access Coordination across arts, culture and screen industries
- Collaborating on your Strategic and Business Plans
- Renewing or developing policies or procedures with AEDI front of mind
- Offering CEO or senior manager respite and interim support


Facilitation, Consultation and Co-design
Nothing about us without us! Work with us to ensure disabled-led representation in...

- Facilitating advisory panels, focus groups and interviews with a broad range of people
- Developing and distributing community surveys
- Co-designing and co-delivering sessions with community members with lived experience


Research, Evaluation and Review
We know the power of research can effect change! We can help tell your story by...

- Providing impact evaluation services to measure and communicate your impact
- Offering detailed reviews to help you identify areas for improvement
- Undertaking desktop reviews, focus groups, interviews and surveys
- Collecting and analysing data to strengthen your ADEI objectives


Guest Speaking, Training and Writing
Representation matters! Consider us for your next event, training or publication

- Morwenna is available for Keynotes and guest speaking appearances
- We design and deliver bespoke, engaging and interactive ADEI training
- We offer advice on accessible Marketing and Communications
- Morwenna writes articles, essays or think-pieces for publication


Navigate the NDIS together. Let us help you with...

- Our in-house NDIS expert to work with you to prepare for your Planning meeting
- Ongoing support for d/Deaf and disabled artists funded by the NDIS
- Organisational advice and guidance on getting started with the NDIS

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